The above maxim, I don’t know who was its pioneer, but you will not disagree with me when I say and prove that this is a universal truth, and I am sure if we follow this maxim in letter and spirit, we will always be on the right path; I would add here on the path of righteousness with all its meaning and sense. Now I would try to explain why this maxim is a universal truth.

Yes, if you always follow the commands of someone who is Always Right, you will be on the path of righteousness, but I am morally bound to prove its reality otherwise, either you will deny or defy me.

You cannot refute the fact of my view behind my presumption if you just go through this essay critically and patiently. The use of this maxim “Boss is always right” is truly applicable in military establishments or Security Agencies just, (repeat just), to keep discipline and there is no other objective, means if it is vaguely used in all circumstances it would be unwise. I will suggest that those who very strictly and rigidly adhere to this principle they must find some room for arguments of their juniors. For this there must be a procedure for formal or informal meetings which should be available at each level of management otherwise there are chances of serious mistakes or brutal errors. History has seen many rebellions in the military organizations, although serious secrets must be open for discussion at appropriate levels and it must not be unveiled where it may cause unwarranted repercussions.

In other types of management like businesses, manufacturing industries, farm management, government or semi government establishments, N.G.Os and other organizations including Educational Institutions, Public bodies and Assemblies etc., properly framed rules should be made or properly designed S.O.P. (Standard Office Procedures) should be adopted to avoid mistakes or mis-understanding.


Now I think I am boring you and maybe you are taking wrong view of my presumption about the maxim, THE BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT, and that it is a universal fact which no one can deny, although everybody has a right to have his independent view of any term like terrorism which is presently the burning topic in the entire world. If you ask a terrorist, he will justify his action in his own way.

Ok- coming to the main topic, let me try to give my argument in favor of this Universal Truth as I have mentioned it earlier. My argument is in the style of a question; just give me the name, address (preferably email address) and direct phone number of any person on this planet that is always right. I will be his first student rather I will obey all his orders and bow before Him. In fact I will worship Him. This is my word and I am always true to my word. I hope I have given you an interesting topic to think over and explained about my conviction. If still you don’t agree with me you are at liberty to exercise your right. But you cannot deny the right of others to take any view of any maxim because now this is a world of complete freedom of thought and expression and nobody can deny this basic human right. Believe me you can always obey the orders of your boss considering that he is always right and nobody will dare to stop you from that because it is your basic human right. I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings and I apologize  provided I have committed this sin.


But I will advise you to have a look at the human history with only one point of view that the boss is always right. The persons who were supposed to be always right by the followers of the great leaders (Bosses) like Hel Hitler, Mussolini, and Carl Marx etc. etc. History has proved that of course they were right to certain extent but not Always Right. Because this maxim is applicable to an identity who has that much power to prove that He is always right and not applicable to any person or spirit on this earth, in past, present nor possible for any future man or woman.

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