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A collection of some of the most though proking articles and stories related to Pakistani society, culture and arts

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پاکستانی نوجوان اور تعلیم

وہ تمام افراد جن کی عمریں 15-29 برس کے درمیان ہوں ، یوتھ یعنی نوجوان کہلاتے ہیں ۔ انھیں معاشرے کا سب سے فعال اور چاق و چوبند طبقہ سمجھاجاتا ہے کیونکہ عمر کے...

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The above maxim, I don’t know who was its pioneer, but you will not disagree with me when I say and prove that this is a universal truth, and I am sure if we...

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An Open Letter to Imran Khan

Much has been thought, said, debated and learned from the current political deadlock in #pakistan. PTI, or more specifically, Imran Khan, takes the center stage in the crisis. The one-liner slogan of #naya pakistan,...