Child Molestation in Pakistan: What’s the Fuss?

Child molestation in Pakistan? Lahoolliwalla. Porn? Astaghfirullah! May the perpetrators rot in hell…

That would be the desired public response the media would want to create from the recent child molestation story. Get the people excited. Get them frustrated. Tell them they have got some movies they won’t show in honor of their moral spirits. And while they do so, they make a lot more money than those insane molesters could ever think of. Followups will follow. Perpetrators are under investigation. Cases might be taken to terrorist courts…no supreme court…no no…the all-saintly military courts!


Punjab government has failed. Shahbaz Sharif should learn delegation. The story stems from a ‘land’ issue.  Javed Iqbal, the historic sexual offender and murderer….was also from Punjab. These will be some of the driving lines of the governmental high-ups commenting on television.

As the story matures, representatives from institutions like UNICEF and Child Protection and Welfare Bureau may be called in television interviews. More and more thought will be expended to ripen the story and get it cashed through advertisements.

Soon, the story will start to fade away. A dirtier thing may happen, and media will turn its head right there. And people like me and you will gossip next what the media packs to help fight our boredom.

This is our way of learning. Learn and help the media earn.

Of course, there will be some talk about child rights. However, most of the story will expire once it loses the element of profanity – the sexual-cum-horror-cum-moral-cum-suroor element with which our media is so profoundly obsessed.

Do not expect the media and yourself to speak for or act on child rights in its practical sense. Do not expect anyone to get rid of underaged working maids. Do not expect a biker to leave a child mechanic for reasons of labor. Do not expect all of us silent observers to finance, volunteer or share some care of the underprivileged children. It is not our responsibility, right? Our lies as much as the media tells us. No more. No less.

So people, what’s the fuss about the story. Worse is happening. Learning a media-hyped story is both exciting and depressing. It makes one a knowledged person. But it can also make you insensitive to the ‘profiteering’ element, the same element that prevents you from firing your maid or educating a poor child.

Faisal Arshad

Faisal is a business graduate working as an online content producer/manager. He has active interest and writings related to political, social and economic issues of Pakistan.



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