Contributors’ Guidelines

Team Awaz e Pakistan appreciates your contribution


Please go through these guidelines carefully before submitting your piece to Awaz e Pakistan.


Awaz e Pakistan welcomes contribution is all formats. We have no particular preference for one format. We accept articles, blogs, infographics, original artwork, slideshows, podcasts and videos. However, we reserve the right to publish (or not publish!) any contributions.

Please note that the editors reserve the right to edit any submitted article for clarity of expression of the main idea. This might include changes to vocabulary and sentence structure. We usually take two to four days to review and publish contributions.

 Topics and Central Idea

Awaz e Pakistan is all about Pakistan. You are encouraged to write about anything you are comfortable with but it should be centered on Pakistan.

We encourage thought provoking pieces and thus allow fair latitude to our contributors. However, please note that articles that outright attack any institution or personality or religion will NOT be accepted for publication. The same goes for contributions that are defamatory, abusive or could be remotely classified as hate-speech.


We have ZERO tolerance for plagiarism. Our definition of plagiarism is exhaustive and includes all instances of copy-pasted texts and quoted text without appropriate credits to the original writer(s).

 First Publication Rights

Awaz e Pakistan reserves the rights for First Publication. This means that an article or blog must first be published on our website. If you wish to publish the same piece on your website or any other place, you must wait for a period of 48 hours at the least.

 Parallel Submissions

Awaz e Pakistan does not accept Parallel Submissions. Please do not submit us any articles that you have submitted/published at any other website.

 IPR and DMCA Issues

Awaz e Pakistan is not responsible for any IPR or DMCA issues related to submitted contributions. We take these issues very seriously. Any takedown request will be acted upon ASAP.


In general, make sure that the article has to say something about Pakistan, has sufficient original content and do not ridicule anybody. Please proofread the article before submission.