Holy Quran and Dars-E-Quran

This is part one of the series of blogs on how the Quran should be taught to the masses. the series will also highlight the author’s views on current trends of Dars-e-Quran.

All of us very well know that Quran is the holy book which can create revolution in the Muslim society and if we follow it properly we can become an identity parallel to our role models Sahaba Kiram, the friends of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) who are known for their perfect belief, valor, wisdom, wit, morale, trust, dynamic life style with humane behavior and enthusiasm which made a remarkable history at their time.

Our prophet made a successful experience of creating a revolution in the totally evil society and after 23 years of struggle he became successful in creating a Muslim Country with Islamic laws. This holy book Quran remained the leader during this entire struggle. But the irony of the situation is that we never think why it is understood to be impracticable in this modern era and how it is supposed to be not that much effective as it was at the time of its revelation and why, despite our serious efforts, we have not been successful in getting the same result from it.

There are Number of Muslim countries, the Quran is intact and the Hadith is also preserved (this is our belief), then the trouble lies somewhere else. Look at the following treatment we do with Quran:

First of all let us consider that an expert doctor gives his written recipe to his patient and asks him to get the medicine from the chemist, use it according to the doses prescribed with proper break, then read the recipe for precaution written on it and in case of relief or no relief reconsult the doctor to test whether the medicine is restoring the health of the patient or not; consider further that the medicine is perfect and suitable to the patient. If the patient does not take the medicine prescribed by the doctor rather he kisses the doctor’s recipe by his lips and eyes and dissolves the recipe in water and swallows it.

Suppose further that another doctor who is supposed to be wiser than the first doctor tells the patient that you are on the right path; you are wise and have justified the use of recipe, come to me I will add some spirit into my receipt, then use in the same way and you will be alright, the simpleton patient makes another such experience and goes on repeating the same process with the recipe and never cares about his deteriorating disease with the simple hope that consequently he will achieve his objective.

Now decide for yourself who is wise, who is stupid and who is be fooling. Now think over again that most of our Muslim brethren are behaving accordingly with this Holy (and full of meaning) Book Quran as discussed in the following paragraph.

Some of us think that the Book is meant only for earning sawab as vaguely spoken for reward. So what do we do is that without caring to understand the message of Quran, we learn it by heart, it remains on our tongue and during the whole life we damn care what is its voice. Some of us recite some selected verses without knowing its meaning, on the beads or stones of dates and think that sawab has been achieved and that is what Quran is meant for, and there is no need to think about its message.

Some of us take oath on the holy book to authenticate our statement and our purpose is solved. Some of us carry Quran over the heads of our brides at the time of their farewell and think that the life of the newlywed couple will be peaceful and that is all. Some of us listen to the recitation in different beautiful styles (the qiraat), that too without knowing the meaning and suppose that sawab has been secured and that is sufficient. I have heard the non muslims ridiculously saying that majority of muslims read this holy book but they don’t understand it.

It is rightly said that we have made Quran a magic book and a machine for earning sawab only. We are very ruthless indeed. If only such treatment with Quran was meant for, Abu-Lahab and Abu-Jahal, the biggest enemies of Islam and Muslims, would have been the first to adopt Islam.

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