Father: A Son’s First Hero, A Daughter’s First Love

The patient was critical. His heart ran just fifty percent on its own. Respiration was even worse. The doctors had stopped the ongoing therapy seeing the declining health of all body vitals. ‘Just a few more breaths’, I heard a busy nurse whispering to her fellow.
Outside the CCU, a young adult was trying to find his way to the patient’s bed. He spoke harshly to the gatekeeper, and kept insisting to let him in. ‘Papa!’ he roared, ‘I can’t wait… just let me in’.
The guard wanted to avoid any untoward situation so he moved aside. To my surprise, the man returned in no time, with his angry face now casting silence and sobs.
His hero had left…

fathers day
I got a feeling of dejection. The departed old man had become a good friend of the neighboring patient, my granddad, for over a week. He had been very appreciative of his only son, working in UK and a doctor himself. Sadly, he never bothered to call him earlier despite his deteriorating health – lest his other patients would suffer.
A fatherly spirit like this is universal.

It is to pay tribute to this spirit of selflessness, bravery, love and affection that the humanity celebrates Fathers Day throughout the world every year. It is the just another reason and time to say thank you to our dads for all their hard work, dedication, and devotion to keep families bonded and blessed.

A Bit History of Father’s Day

The call for a celebration of Fathers’ Day was recognized on appeal by Sonora Smart Dodd, a farmer’s daughter born in Arkansas. She was one of the six siblings brought up solely by their father, William Jackson, whose wife departed soon after the birth of their last child. Observing an absence of such a day on a Mother’s Day ceremony in a church, Sonora realized the need to mark and appreciate the role of fathers from her own experience.
The first Father’s Day was organized as a small event in YMCA on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. But it was only in 1930s that Sonora got the chance to promote the celebration at a national level. The founding of Father’s Day Council got her mission run with a great pace. However, there had been years of debate at the Congress for making it a national holiday. That status was received when US President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972, making third Sunday of June a national day to honor fathers and fatherhood.
Over time, Father’s Day has been adapted by other countries including Canada, Australia, France and Germany. In cultures like China, India, Japan and Pakistan, a similar spiritual adaption is made, even in the absence of national recognition or a holiday.

Dads as Role Models

To a child, father is the world. He is the first super-hero for the child. It is the father’s gallant outlook that helps a child adapt herself to the tiny dangers of our everyday life – from running fast on the floor and through being loud and fearless in times of need.
When a baby lands back safe on a father’s arm after that little ride through the air, she gets to learn that flying is possible.

father day 1

A kid bicycling first-time in father’s supervision knows that any sort of accident will be promptly dealt with like in the past.
In short, dads are our heroic role models; escaping us from fear and helping us face dangers with a heroic outlook.

When Dad’s There, He’s There to Help

Just like a mother, a father also naturally strives to take lead in helping child in each phase of life. Be it sports, studies, character-building, career-counseling or other necessities of life, a father finds comfort in helping us.

fathers love daugter
Of course, dads can sometimes be stingy with family time, probably due to their work challenges outside the home. And yes, dads could sometimes sound harsher than mothers. But remember, when he is there, he is there to help!

Thanking Dads: Why’s and Ways

Thanking fathers is important, not only because of their indispensable role in bringing up the children, but also because of their whole-hearted and selfless participation in family life as a whole. It is difficult to think of a really happy family without a father’s role.
There are countless ways to thank your father, one of the simplest of which should just be wishing him Happy Father’s Day. A greeting card for the same should take a little more effort, but would definitely be a more affectionate option. Handing over gifts like tie, shaving-kit and tools are also common practice to thank your hero on his special day.
And through the rest of the year, become an obedient child. That’s it.

Faisal Arshad

Faisal is a business graduate working as an online content producer/manager. He has active interest and writings related to political, social and economic issues of Pakistan.



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