Five Adventures Every Karachi Kid Should Experience

Thrill and adventure attract kids more than anything else, probable even food. So why not have an adventure trip to beat the boredom of summer and the craziness of urban life? Here are five adventures every Karachi kid should experience.

Go Aish

goaish park

If you have not already visited this adventure park, go now. Go Aish is a fun-packed adventure for kids aged 12 and above. The park makes real 6 incredible sports fantasies: Rope Course, Paintball arena, Wall climbing, ATV track, Big Swing & Flying Fox. These unique adventures will take the scream out of you, leaving you more energetic – physically and mentally. Get yourself strapped safely and launch yourself in the most amusing ways.

Sindbad Wonderland                                  

    Sindbad Wonderland                                     

Video games, roller coaster, 4D cinemas and bumping cars cannot be better elsewhere. Sindbad Wonderland. Sindbad is a one-stop entertainment choice for children of all ages. With the most exciting swings in Karachi, and even exciting eateries within its premises, Sindbad is truly a child’s wonderland.

 The Beach

karachi beach

If you want a quick, affordable yet exciting adventure in Karachi, the beach is definitely the best choice. Get on to the camel, horse and motor cars and enjoy the peace of seaside. Want a bit more fun? Take a few dives into the unstoppable waves!

Fiesta Water Park

Fiesta Water Park

If the rising temperatures of Karachi have already distracted your comfort, it is time to visit the Fiesta Water Park.  This part is a whole new world of pleasure and excitement, and lots of fun and frolics. Having the largest water slides and other play activities, Fiesta boasts itself as the largest water park in Pakistan.

There’s more to offer. The park’s Fast Food Junction and Restaurant hosts an unforgettable treat for kids at the place.



Arena is a must-have, quick adventure trips for Karachiites of all ages. Rock climbing, ice skating, bowling and gaming zone at Arena make a comprehensive entertainment and amusement dose for children.

Faisal Arshad

Faisal is a business graduate working as an online content producer/manager. He has active interest and writings related to political, social and economic issues of Pakistan.



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