Green Glasses Or How Fatwas-for-Dollars Ruined Pakistan


People born in late 70’s were told by PTV , newspapers and madrasas that USSR is our enemy because India (Our greatest enemy) is their ally and USA is our friend because they are people of book , but on the other hand America was ally of Israel . So we supported Afghan Mujahidin in Soviet-Afghan war. The mullah told us “Joining hands with people of book and afghan brothers to remove KUFR (Soviets) is legitimate”. Mullah came up with dozens of fatwas in favor of Jihad in Afghanistan.
Until fall of Soviet Union if you utter a single word in favor of USSR people said you are communist or “SURKHA”. Now it is changed to “Yahoodi Agent”. On a personal note, many of my friends still call me a Communist.
Our parties precisely Jamat-e-Islami, Jamiat Ulama Pakistan (Molana Fazal group) and many others joined hands with “FRIEND” USA.  received millions of dollars , increased their bank balance and sent thousands of young men for Jihad except their own children .In late 80’s, USSR left the region and we danced with joy that we have defeated KUFR (with the help of friend). My point is why we think COMMUNISM was a religion. Actually Communism is everything minus religion but capitalists make us think what they wanted to with the help of mullah and rulers of that time. Did they succeed in implementing Sharia? Not a bit of it. We even lost the democratic and ethical norms and values.

Those who said Bhutto is alive are wrong, because Bhutto was hanged in 1979 but Zia is still alive since 1988. When a minority is killed, when there is sectorial crisis, Zia is alive.

We give safe way to Afghanis to interfere in our national matters. Now, after so many years Afghans are threating world 6th nuclear power. What a shame!
Now US is free to do whatever they want because the only challenging threat USSR was over just because of our help in Soviet War. The world is now UniPolar just because there is no other super power left except USA. Cold war managed a balance of power that is now shifted towards USA.

USA played a stage against its enemy and they succeed. What we get? Nothing, except non-tolerance, drugs, sect crisis and lost decades. USA used Afghans and our mullah to eliminate their enemy. When US dollars are abandoned then our mullah turned on USA and started to yell “Say No to USA” and “Go America Go”. It is true these mullahs will support and issue dozens of fatwas again if USA funds them to fight against Taliban and OBL. But it is not happening and now they blame USA that it backs Israel, even it was backing before its inception. And our innocent nation again believed them.

Believe me USA; India, USSR and Israel are not our enemies. We are our enemies ourselves. Our friends are our enemies. Strange? USSR was our non-border sharing neighbor and we made them our enemy for long distance friendship with USA. Iran is next-door neighbor and we are friends with “Saudis” and “UAE”. These friends used our soil for proxy war because we can sell our self-respect and fatwas for dollars.
Allah has given us many resources that every country dreams of. We have natural resources and best the human resource. We have all types of landscapes but still we are behind. We have to learn from the past. What our ancestors did wrong, we must remove the green glasses of dollar-funded fatwas and move forward. Allah has given us a chance to change.

PTI is on the roads and fighting for right. Again people like Molana Fazal-ur-Rahman and Jamat-e-Islami have been paid to say that Imran Khan is against the democracy. They forgot that JI and JUI have issued fatwas against democracy. Now someone has stood up to change the systems and they are with democracy. They call Musharraf and Imran a “yahoodi agent”, trust me if they are doing the same in 80’s they would be called pro soviet or “SURKHA”. These mullahs change their stance in every era, this time it is fashionable to declare anyone as a Kafir or yahoodi but what we are doing is worse than Kafirs and yahoodis are doing.

People of Pakistan please stand up and ignore these so-called dollar mullahs. Allah has asked everyone to think in Quran. You don’t need these idiots to judge your EMAAN. I hope people will understand their hypocrisy and join the hands with CHANGE. If we don’t stand up with Musharaf and Imran then trust me we will lose the right to say “Koi to ho ga saccha leader jo is mulk ko bachae”.



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