Holy Quran and Dars-e-Quran (3)

This is part three of the series of blogs on how the Quran should be taught to the masses. the series will also highlight the author’s views on current trends of Dars-e-Quran. The first two parts could be read here and here.

Our so called Muslim Ulema repeat “so called muslim Ulema” who are popularly known as Ulema-e-Soo have thousands of concocted, fabricated and paradoxical stories in their bags which are being narrated to innocent Muslims to spoil their beliefs and you will find many of them apparently contradictory to Quran and Hadith and in fact they are befooling Muslims because the innocent Muslims do not know the facts of the Islamic history especially the period of our beloved prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. which is glittering example of the Great Revolution which ended in successful implementation of the Quranic Ideology and bringing about a perfect society which, had it not been victimized by conspiracies of hypocrite Muslims, and had it been consistently retained, the Muslims would have been the unopposed leaders of the entire world even in this modern age and every Muslim should realize this fact.

OH poor Muslim Nation…….. Beware that you have been the captive of hypocrite Muslims even today who have no fear of Almighty Allah.


To understand about strategy for implementation of the Quranic ideology, we have to study the subject in detail and have to think about the causes of deterioration which spoiled the belief of the muslim ummah and an ordinary  muslim individually.

We are actually not following the methodology of the implementation and it has been ignored by learned muslims and gradually the entire ummah became eccentric and lost their unity and are now facing humiliation of the non muslim world.

Take the example of a farmer. A good farmer first of all tests the soil either himself or through an expert of soil, then if, he is satisfied that the soil is good for his use, he would check its fertility, would add fertilizer (preferably natural) to it and then he would plough the land to make the soil good enough for plantation, then of course he would sow the seed. During this entire process, if he is a wise farmer he will take the advice of someone more experienced. Even then his work is not finished for he would have to spray water necessary for good production and would never refrain from the use of pesticides recommended for saving the plants from insects. His efforts would continue till he gets a good harvest.

Try to understand the methodology from the wise farmer and apply similar tips for implementation of Quranic Teachings to develop a Muslim Society. The prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. was the pioneer of this methodology. Only he proved that he was the perfect teacher and the real Aalim of Islam because, unlike others, all his acts and deeds were under direct guidance of Almighty Allah.

We cannot be like him but if we follow his path we can be sure of getting our objective the Iqamat-e-Din which is required of us in this life, to be successful in the life hereafter and our Allah wants a step forward, to make Islam overcome other religion.

It might be added that Islam is the only religion issued and liked by Allah from the beginning of the humanity and other religions are mixtures of the real religion and man-made adulterations or absolutely full of human thoughts.

We have first to create unity of thought and belief and complete harmony of actions and deeds among the entire Muslim Ummah spread over every part of the world.

We have to adhere to one and the only objective which has been defined by the Quran itself that “you are the best of all the nations and you have been selected for the humanity, you spread the good and righteousness and impede and wipe out the evil and impose the sovereignty of Allah, an act which is rightly spoken as Iqamat-e-deen.

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  1. abid imam says:

    a really thought provoking article. may Allah guide us all. amen

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