Holy Quran and Dars-e-Quran (4)


This is part four of the series of blogs on how the Quran should be taught to the masses. the series will also highlight the author’s views on current trends of Dars-e-Quran. The first three parts could be read here, here and here.

To study Hadith it is important to understand about its history. First of all we must believe that the definition of Hadith is that it is a collection of the interpretation, exposition and explanation of the Islamic Constitution, the Quran, which can be observed in the life of our Prophet (p.b.u.h.) and in the lives of his nearest companions and friends, the Sahaba Kiram so every true Muslim should see that any quotation of Hadith can never be against the principles set forth by Quran and the spirit contained in it. It is, in fact, manifestation of the holy book.

Originally, unlike Quran the Hadith was not learnt by heart by the Muslims of that time and if it was done it was by a limited number of the early Muslims and no compilation, authentication and collection of the sayings of the prophet were made and afterwards those persons who had any Hadith with them were scattered over the entire muslim dominated areas and the non muslim world. After about a century some God fearing Muslims like Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim and others took up the task of collection and recomposing of Hadith and an exhaustive, relentless effort was made to authenticate the statements of different people and coinciding with each other and tested with the tester, the Quran; thus 6 books of          Ahadith-e-Nabavy were compiled and composed by reference to confirmed sources, which are popularly known as ‘Confirmed or Sihah Sitta’ ahadith collections. About ahadith every Muslim believes that all of them were originally the word of Allah from the mouth of the Prophet. But what happened later, many quotation of the then hypocrite Muslims were quoted by weak references and contradictory to Islam and not confirmed or endorsed by other quotes. So such statements were set aside and handful of pure and consistent ahadith was issued for all Muslims. But, after all, the ahadith are statements about sayings of the prophet, conveyed by some persons to other persons about which what we can say safely, is that we can expect these to be true rather than a source of firm knowledge and belief like Quran. Consequently when a person studies the Hadith, he should take precaution that no Hadith should be contradictory to the spirit of Quran because it is only Quran which has been guaranteed for preservation by Almighty Allah. That is why whenever any root (or Nus) is to be seen, the only source is Quran and not Hadith, especially on delicate issues like whether a person is Muslim, Kafir or Mushrik, or whether a person commits great sin like murder, rape, ravage, idol worship, Riba, Eating of flesh of swine and other things which are absolutely forbidden or haraam, taking of liquor, escaping from jehad or disobeying other specific commands with its particular meaning of Quran. Nus in every case shall be searched and found in Quran and never a Hadith can be referred for Nus.  I hope a serious discussion on Hadith will surely bring about positive results and create further unity of thought among Muslim Ummah.

Now we can move safely to a more serious discussion and our subject matter can be the life, struggle and achievement of our beloved prophet Muhammad  (innumerable peace and salam) on this most reasonable, intellectual, knowledgeable and  having firm and confirmed belief in Almighty Allah and possessing utmost wit and wisdom that a man could have on this earth, the ultimate messenger of Allah, His best slave and most kind and humane  to the entire humanity and the entire world ; and the man of all virtues. Let us discuss on his personality in the light of Quran because this is a discussion among Muslims who have firm belief upon this Holy Book. Quran says that he is the slave of God and the ultimate divine messenger (the Rasool of Allah). There can never be any doubt about this declaration by Allah and what Allah wanted from him was that he should be prime witness to the one-ness of Allah and he was delegated to apply the principles of Quran on himself and the entire mankind on this earth for his time and for all times to come till the finality of this world. Quran says that although he had information about inconceivable hidden things or environment, he had no independent power to foresee those things or the environment because this power or knowledge is solely for God and no power in the universe except Allah can claim to have such power. Quran says he had best courtesy and hospitality for all his fellow beings of his time and a role model. Quran says that he was on the path of righteousness like other previous messengers of God. Quran quotes that he was most eager to bring all non believers on this path which must be the main objective of the human being. The Holy Book says that he (the prophet) should not make any compromise with the non believers on the point of worship to one and the only one God. Quran teaches that the entire Muslims stand united on Islam which is the religion of peace and only religion liked by Allah and now in complete form  comprehensively bestowed upon humanity as a whole and as a blessing and special Divine Gift. Just consider that if discussion is made with open mind on the above points can there be any slit of difference among Muslim Ummah. No way….. but Quraan should be studied in letter and spirit ; not only letter without spirit.

Conclusion:  The Muslims are a divided nation because of misunderstanding created by the MISCREANTS comprising non Muslims and the so called, Repeat “so called” hypocrite Muslims. Misunderstanding about Allah, about the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) about certain verses of Quran by misinterpretation out of malicious motives and deliberately or by lack of proper knowledge.

Now some important points about the role of the students and friends of the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) popularly known as Sahaba Kiram. There should be no doubt about the fact that the Sahaba were the direct students of Nabi (S.A.A.W.S.).They were his companions and remained closely associated with him during the whole of their life and during and after the struggle of 23 years and the Nabi (S.A.A.W.S.).was very proud of them. Further let there be no misunderstanding about it that they were the best followers of               Hazoor-e- Karim (S.A.A.W.S.). They had minor and negligible personal differences but stood united as Muslim Ummah and their character was so sound and firm that our Prophet has himself asked other Muslims to follow their advice because they were on the path of righteousness the sole objective of the Muslims. They did not have any difference of color and creed and they consulted and obeyed Quran for their actions and decisions. The glorious period of Caliphate is the proud of the history of mankind. Most of the differences on the role of Sahaba and wrong views about them have been fabricated by anti Islam historians and Ulema who are totally against the unity of Muslims of the world and not in favor of Pan Islamism. They have no concept about a united and universal Muslim Ummah and they have divided the Muslims into different sects and firqas which is against the popular verse of Quran which orders “Hold the rope of God firmly united and do not create firqas or sects”, Their evil designs have disrupted unity among muslims and muslims have become enemies of muslims. May there be curse of Allah, Nabi, All human beings and the angels, on these anti Islam historians and ulema that are shame for ulema.


Now a word about ulema. What is the definition of Aalim-e-din? Can any body claim that he has got all the knowledge of religion or deen and now he is in a position to dictate others and what he says is 100 per cent true in all circumstances; if he says anything against Quran and Hadith, still shall he be called Aalim-e-din? In other words, has he the authority over the entire deen and his word is unchallengable. Can there be two views about the fact that these so-called Aalim-e-din have produced different sects and firqas having altogether different belief about Quran and Sunnah and deadly against each other. Do you call an Aalim as Aalim-e-din who raises slogans against other Aalims of different firqas? In fact they are abusing each other and calling bad names like kafir or mushrik to the muslims of other sects. Can such Ulema make a united Muslim Ummah?  Let all God fearing ulema unite together to exclude the following types of ulema who are the real bone of contention.

  • Those who think that the Ahadith are the only source to refer to for authentication of any statement.
  • Those who believe that for Nus (confirmed belief) Quran and Ahadith are valid equally.
  • Those who do not believe in the finality of Rasoolullah p.b.u.h., in that he is the last prophet (Nabi) and that no prophet, Nabi or Rasool will come after him.
  • Those who believe in sectarianism and very happily making different sects or firqas day by day and so break the unity of Muslim Ummah.
  • Those who are telling concocted and fabricated stories which are totally against Quran and Sunnah and, in fact, outweigh or undermine the doctrine laid down by Quran and Sunnah.
  • Those who do not try to find the clear and open orders of Allah in Quran and the ordains of Ahadith and refer code of conduct or Fiqah for getting allowances against totally forbidden or haraam things like interest (riba or reeba) and wagering, singing, dancing, performing arts etc. and deadly against science and technology including use of modern equipments like loud-speakers, radio, T.V., computers, photographs and movies (limited use) ,aero plane, drone, modern arms and ammunitions, conventional and nuclear weapons. Automation brought about by computers. etc.
  • Those who have changed the priority of Quran No. 1, Ahadith No. 2. Fiqah No.3, History No. 4, Information No. 5 and News and concocted and fabricated stories widely spread by Ulema-e-soo No.6.
  • Those who, as against Quran, believe that Nabi has the independent knowledge of Aalam-e-Ghayb and teach the masses accordingly.
  • Those who do not believe in the concept of the unity of the entire Muslim Ummah of the world and as such, are deadly against Pan Islamism.
  • Those who have soft corners for non Muslims against the Muslims.
  • Those who have very little knowledge about Islam and start teaching the masses in very wrong way, and who produce stupid and dull Muslims.
  •  Those who have never tried to change the interest-based economy prevailing in the country.
  • Those who see that every effort is being made against wagering, but never try to remove this and other anomalies from the society.
  • Those who see with bare eyes that every shaitan is dancing but ruthlessly avoid giving attention to them.
  • Those who see that the country is under the havoc of heaviest ever flood and the disaster has far reaching consequences but never approach the Govt. to provide relief to the victims and avoid listening to the news about this biggest ever catastrophe of the country and are just busy in dua only.
  • Those who have never attempted to pressurize the Govt. to make all laws according to Quran and Sunnah. The objective Resolution of the constitution is the guidance for converting all contradictory law to Islamic laws. Has any Alim-e-din ever tried to induce govt. to do that?


  • Finally is any Alim-e-din ready to return his degree to the Madarasa because his ilm has done no service to Islam so far.

 Finally some words about the status of Muslim in the society. An Aalim-e-din or specifically a student of deen.

 I am in fact wondering that when & by whom this term Aalim-e-din was introduced in this perfect deen, because, in my opinion, this is a vague term. Over one hundred thousand sahaba were present at the time of the last pilgrimage (Hajj) of  the prophet (p.b.u.h)  but no one claimed to be        Aalim-e-din and they never taught anyone to become Aalim-e-din. Can anyone claim to adopt this title without having fear of God. As a matter of fact all sahabas were Khadim-e-din and they are our role models as quoted by our beloved prophet (S.A.A.W). A common fruit of the term Aalim-e-deen  is the disintegration and disunity of this most favorite nation, the Muslims, with the right to make sects in Islam and destroy the unity of muslim ummah.           My slogan for Muslims: “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.”               Can you endorse my views and help me in my endeavor for creating unity of thought in Muslims living in the entire world.

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