Holy Quran and Dars-e-Quran (4)

This is part three of the series of blogs on how the Quran should be taught to the masses. the series will also highlight the author’s views on current trends of Dars-e-Quran. The first two parts could be read here here and here.

To create unity of thought and belief we have to start our journey from zero point, let us suppose that we the Muslims of the entire world stand united on a single point which is zero point that is “the flesh of swine (pig) is prohibited by Allah and completely haram at all times.” 

There can be no doubt about this proposition whatsoever, no Muslim on earth would ever refer Quran or Hadith or Fiqah nor would one go to a mufti for obtaining fatwa on this point.

No one would like to listen anything against this perpetual belief nor would any of them ever dare to take any part of the swine openly save a negligible number who should be excluded for sake of simplicity. Moreover pig is a verbal abuse amongst all Muslims of the world.

Now you can very well understand why I am so eager to bring the Muslims to common terms. You will hardly find any other belief on which the entire Muslim Ummah is united with all its implications. Let us take a start to remove other differences in beliefs of the Muslims.

Take a cross section of the divided nation from every part of the world on the basis of identical beliefs and just select one man each from that cross section. You will find a large number of men representing different sets of belief. After this difficult exercise bring all those selected men on a conference table (This is just an imaginary conference, otherwise there is least possibility to invite for such conference, because Muslims of every sect would hardly have such moral courage to arrange such conference, more rightly they are just dagger drawn against each other.) Now one by one different ideas are discussed till a common belief is arrived at, to march forward.

First and foremost might be about Almighty Allah, His good name, the fact about Him that He is the only Creator and every other thing is creation of one and the only one God, including skies, the galaxies, every thing between skies and the earth, the earth, the mountains, the Oceans, every living creature, all animal, plants, the man, the angels and that which is obvious or conceivable and that which is hidden or inconceivable; (the fact that He has no father nor the son of anyone and there can be no one like him, and he has no wife), His power, His Dignity, His Magnificence, His Knowledge, His right, His Status that He is the only  benefactor to all His beneficiaries and the only Judge at the day of Judgment, the only Authority to reward and punishment and as sole Forgiver, His creation, His Master and servant relationship with man, His holy book, His messengers and the missions delegated to them, His other qualities and above all other dignities which are specific for Him, that no one can be his partner nor any living or non living being can be like Him and that He only can be called Omnipresent as to time and space and FINALLY THAT NO ONE CAN SEE HIM, He is Great and the only one Great or Almighty and to make hard line distinction, that He does not give birth to any one nor any one has given birth to Him, He has the sole Authority for birth control and that He and only He gives life to sons and daughters and no one is his son or daughter. He is the Original and ultimate provider of food and all other necessaries of life to His creatures, His Orders are Supreme and must be obeyed by everyone, He is the law maker. He is the creator of goodness and all the evils and also the devil. He has given limited power to man with the forces of goodness and evil and provided all resources of life and in fact has created the life for trying the man whether who does good and refrains from evil for which He says that “He will try man by things of worldly fear, by hunger, by loss of belongings, by loss and worries of life and the loss of fruits or results”.

Every matter should be discussed in the light of the holy book QURAN which gives challenge to the entire world that there is no room for doubt or skepticism in this Holy Book.

I hope if a progressive and right discussion is made with open mind and heart, Muslims will come to unified belief about Allah. Now another point for discussion would come in mind which should be the Holy Book Quran.


Every Muslim believes from the core of his heart that this Book is the final revelation of Allah and its challenge which could not be confronted by the enemies of the time, has proved its worth and it is the most authentic document for obtaining guidance for all times including times to come and belief on this book has always produced positive results not only by learning it by heart but by clear interpretation, understanding and bringing it into operation in the life of Muslims.

What is lacking about it that the Muslims of this age usually recite its verses verbally and don’t care to understand its teaching and so never try to implement it in the society. The recitation of Quran by most of the Muslims is just like uttering by mouth as a parrot speaks but does not understand its meaning. The main points for discussion on this topic is that Quran is Allah’s Word and of no one else, it has been revealed through the medium of the most exalted angel Jibrael who is the most trustworthy Angel of Almighty Allah and Allah Himself has declared responsibility to keep it intact and preserve all its contents and no one can ever compound it with his own words and finally there can be no two different meanings of any of its verses. Its verses (Aayaat) carry the rhythm like poetry but not like lyric of a song but as against poetry it does not have exaggerated notion.

Every one knows that poets expression have dual, sometimes many different meanings But before starting the study of Quran especially to know about its miracle there is one important prerequisite that is to take ablution, no doubt usual ablution has been made compulsory but I am talking of another ablution which is more effective than the usual ablution and this is clearing and clearing of thoughts of mind and heart, by doing away with all preset ideas and beliefs, by making a clean slate mind and by means of the beginning verses of Quran popularly known as Surah-e-Fateha through its true and complete interpretation, connotation and in real spirit of the words and its name “Fateha” implies that this is a surah which, in the eyes of God, is the gateway to the Quran and after this the remaining whole Quran is in fact  a reply to the prayer of man set forth in the Surah Fateha.

Likewise every verse of Quran should be studied with reference to context and perspective of the history of the Great Revolution encompassed by the 23 years struggle of our prophet (p.b.u.h.) which ended in a hallmark of unity in the Muslim Ummah.

A serious debate on the Holy Book in line with the above points will surely lead to further unity of thought among Muslims. The next important point for discussion might find its place in the sayings of our beloved prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. which has been collected as Hadith. There is a great deal of difference among Muslims on this document.

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