Imran Khan Is Not Better Than Qeeme Wale Naan

Why do we forget that all this political structure, parties, electoral, legislative, judicial, military and other systems are directly or indirectly made by a handful of corrupt army generals and establishment who happen to promote their own vested interests?

These people have been manipulating our social structures for long. Pakistan has always been run by feudal lords (urban or rural) who join hands with their sons (democratic and autocratic) dictators. It was HIJACKED pretty early than you think.

How on earth can over 50% Pakistanis who happen to be farmers vote honestly when they are afraid that their waters will be blocked, sisters and daughters raped, land deserted etc. if they vote against their landlords? Those masses are historically tied to primary economies and feudal and tribal ways of life. Getting two meals a day is a blessing for them.

If Fatima Jinnah can lose against a bloody dictator, how can you expect people like Imran Khan to ever take on a high seat?

Fascism and racism in our society originates from those controlling the entire political and social milieu of our society i.e. establishment. In order to accomplish their spiteful objectives, they make and break political parties. When they think their appointed agents in parliaments are no more pleasing, they launch a coup, create a bubble economy, collect large funds in the name of Jihad (Zia) and Terrorism (Musharraf) from their American fathers and return to lounges for a couple of years. And when they leave, they make sure they sign an NRO to bring back the cannibals!

Who brought Bhutto, those Sindhis who still claim they are a 5000 years old nation, or the generals who thought that the man’s street and feudalistic popularity deserved a chance?


Who elevated Sharif Brothers?


It’s not just history. Masses from Punjab have proved again that they will prefer ‘Qeeme Wale Naan’ over disillusioning wisdom, truth and justice we talk about.

Faisal Arshad

Faisal is a business graduate working as an online content producer/manager. He has active interest and writings related to political, social and economic issues of Pakistan.



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