Israel’s Ruthless Killings of Palestinian Children (shocking videos)

Israel has been brutally killing Palestinian men, women and children since decades. In the last two weeks, it has launched a fresh operation and bombed several villages and towns in the Gaza strip. Here is a collection of few videos that shows Israel’s aggression in Palestine.



And here is another shocking video, recorded by Israeli TV. The reporters find children at an Israel’s tank camp where bombardment takes place. See how Israel is breeding a generation of hateful, revengeful and fatal children.


Are we going to do anything? The world must find a way to stop all this fascist movement If Israel’s ruthless killing of Palestine is not stopped, we are going to bring doomsday earlier than it is.


Faisal Arshad

Faisal is a business graduate working as an online content producer/manager. He has active interest and writings related to political, social and economic issues of Pakistan.



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