The Loss Of Soul In Education

Soul of Education

There has been a great debate over the last few years  that technology must serve humanity or humanity looses all the charm for it.For example, we observe that the old music or songs seems to be more soulful and the recent songs loose their charm in very short period of time.Why is that so? Some say that because of the number of musical albums released, people forget the song very quickly. Some say that this is not good music or voice, some say people want freshness but as always I have a different theory.

I think that due to the use of digital music instead of playing real instrument together, songs loose the beauty and soul. That is why we say the old is gold.

What I want to say is that use of technology helps us in many ways but due to it’s over usage everything seems to be meaningless.

The same principle applies to education as well. Due to the introduction of technology,  the humanity has progressed in many ways but in a larger view, the trend has been destructive.In my time ( near past ) when my teacher said consider a box , then every student considered that in a different manner. Some considered big , some small, some near , some far , some in the sky , some on the ground.

This allowed us to think , think big and think differently.But I see today that the teacher starts the multimedia and a presentation in it , which has a box. Every single student will see the same box , so students never bother to think in a different manner or he/she can’t ask a different question which can comes to their mind when they imagine their own box.

I still remember one of my English teacher telling us the Birkenhead Drill story. She asked us to close the eyes and then prompt us to think the whole scenario that was on the Ship. Believe me, we considered that and I still remember the whole situation. But today when a teacher trying to teach a novel or story, they search for a movie on the  story and  make the students watch that.

I know the intention of the teacher is to develop the interest of the student,  but not as much as the previous method. Student should think for themselves and have to use their imagination.

As Einstein said  “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

He was right. Now coming to another point , in higher studies it helped us understand but somehow it has made us a creature of routine. We can think differently.In past the university students used to read different books to find their answers and to prepare for examination.

But today when the college or university students wants an answer, they ask a search engine and get the answer. Some will say that it is good that instead of wasting time in hunting for the answer, the student found it in few minutes so the student is more productive.

But I ask them that what will they without Internet? Nothing!

They make their habit of not learning but searching on Internet; hence the soul of learning and it’s purpose dies.

Learning is a building process and always remember my friend that the construction takes time and destruction does not.So if you see that construction of knowledge is not taking the time, remember that knowledge in not building.

I also know that it helps us in some manner ; like when I was studying the Drilling for petroleum, I watched many animated videos that explained the process of drilling. however, this method will never enhance th learning or teh knowledge of the students.

Now at research level, we all can see that we are short of new ideas.When was the last theory presented in Physics?But we know about the development of Solid State physics in past few years because the money is involved.

When was the last formula or any thing presented in mathematics? In past years or so everything is going round and round for money making process, for making new technology.

More over, the number of research papers and thus the number of PhD has increased drastically. People are not thinking on new ideas. instead, they are just following the trends because in their school, college or university, they were not allowed to think differently.

So, is a lot of technology  a blessing or curse?

Use it intelligently but do not over use.If you are a student then always try to think big and think different.If you are a Parent or a Teacher, allow the student to think and ask.

Muhammad Talha Bin Yousuf

Muhammad Talha Bin Yousuf

Talha is a petroleum technologist and a physics teacher. He likes to explore and spread the truth that originates from intuitions, and grows up by facts and figures. Talha is a regular contributor at Awazepakistan.
Muhammad Talha Bin Yousuf

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