Naya Qanoon, Naya Pakistan

On Sunday, 14th September 2014, Express News paper published a short story titled NAYA QANOON, written by Saadat Hasan Manto, one of the greatest story tellers in Urdu literature. This fiction describes a scenario of United India at a time when Indian Act was nearing its launch.

In that short story, there was an idea that the implementation of Indian Act would lead to sociological freedom from exploitative behavior of the British. However, no change occurred even after the decided date. Police arrested Manto.

To understand the real scenario and reach exactly at my point I am sharing this short story below:

Naya qanoon 1Naya qanoon 2 naya qanoon 3 naya qanoon 4 Naya qanoon 5 Naya qanoon 6 Naya qanoon 7 Naya qanoon 8 Naya qanoon 9 Naya qanoon 10 Naya qanoon 11


As the story republishes in a leading newspaper of Pakistan at the current time, a few inferences can be made.

It is a period in the history of Pakistan when Islamabad March is changing its course, and protestors are being arrested by police in large numbers.

So now I want to ask to the editor of Express News that what he wants to prove by this act. Is the slogan of NAYA PAKISTAN exactly feels like the scenario presented in NAYA QANOON?

The particular sketch which was drawn by the writer in Naya Qanoon is nearly similar to the perception that tells what happens next as PAT & PTI draw against the N-League government and overturn the current political setup for a better, prosperous and exploitation free regime.  Should we resemble the current N-League government to the British Rulers? I think this is a case of squarely biased journalism.

It doesn’t mean that I am supporting the Nawaz government. I just want to highlight the possible hidden agenda behind publishing short stories which make false analogies, comparisons and contrasts with current situations.

Syed Muhammad Mujtaba

Syed Muhammad Mujtaba

Mujtaba is studying International Relations at University of Karachi. He likes to volunteer for social causes. He is also a spokesperson for a number of awareness-related platforms.
Syed Muhammad Mujtaba



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  1. S. M. Mujtaba says:

    There is one editorial mistake in 2nd paragraph last line that police didn’t arrest Manto but the mango ( main character of short story) . Hope reader will understand

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