Pakistan Idol: How Incompetence Translates Into Bad Judgment

The idols music franchise has historically been awe-inspiring. Besides a great deal of television entertainment, it has naturally acted to unleash long hidden talents like Abhijeet Sawant, Kelly Clarkson and Hady Mirza. But the Pakistani brand of the reality music show has less to promise.

Reason….? Amateur Jury!


Geo TV had kept exclusive rights for Pakistan Idol for years. And in this long time, it could only take the most inexperienced judges on board: Bushra Ansari, Ali Azmat and Hadiqa Kiyani.  While these people are themselves praised as idols in Pakistan’s showbiz, assessing music potentials in newcomers doesn’t even seem like their pastime.


Let’s have a look at the (in) competence for the jury bench.


Bushra Ansari

Like me, you won’t be able to find a single music album having singing credits of Bushra Ansari. True, she did take professional training in singing, but never took that to her career boards. Barring a few voice mimics of popular singers and hosting a child music show ‘Kaliyon Kee Maala’, Bushra singing and music experience is none better than you.

Why Bushra Doesn’t Cut For the Jury Seat?
Bushra undeniably has the most remarkable wit for humor and stage presentation in Pakistan. But she would only have been the best judge if music and singing competitions scored participants on such dimensions.



Hadiqa Kiyani

Hadiqa had years of struggle before her formal arrival in Pakistani music landscape. Her popular song Bohen Bariyan was preceded with her not-so-popular playback singing for the film Sangam. And even that was preceded by her singing participation in school competitions, in international music festivals, in PTV shows ‘Rang Barangi Duniya’ and ‘Angan Angan Taray’ and in a music charts show ‘Video Junction’ played on NTM. The name of her first album ‘Raaz’, surprisingly reflects the untold story of her long, long struggle.

Why Hadiqa Doesn’t Cut For The Jury Seat?
If only Hadiqa could trace the stage at which each first-timer of Pakistan Idol appears to stand, she would very well prove her justice for the jury seat.

Ali Azmat

He is my favorite. And if you love soft rock, you must like him, too. But did you ever see rock musicians on the judge panels of American Idol, or Indian Idol – for that matter? The reason is simple: rock has more heavy drums, metal and guitar than any other music genre. No amount of a rock singer’s roar can equal the beauty of these instruments. So you would rather never experience Pappu Yaar sort of crazy things in music competitions, because their judges simply fail to skim music out from the pressed down voices.

Why Azmat Doesn’t Cut For The Jury Seat?

I won’t say Azmat is a bad singer, though. In the enlightening company of the Junoon band, he has produced a great many stuffs for our ears down the past two decades. He would have been the world’s most truthful judge if screaming was the only way singers could tell how good they were!


That Pakistan Idol could not get better judges is understandable. I mean how many times in the past have you seen music icons like Tina Sani, Nayarra Noor, or Sajjad Ali in the capacity of judges? The failure of our entertainment industry in hosting mass-level music competitions and awards is a testimony of the lost opportunity to create jury teams. A nationwide competition to begin with such a thing is a day dream at best.


And Now How The Judges’ Incompetence Reflected on Pakistan Idol Jury Benches

First, the jury bench finds itself at a great loss in adopting the ‘you first’ approach for performance comments. So if Hadiqa comments first and praises performance, Ali Azmat and Bushra will only need to do a little jugglery of words to follow the suit. On the other hand, if Bushra assessed a contestant first and labeled the performance as ‘bad’, the other two judges would shape her comments accordingly.  Unity is strength!

There are countless examples of bad judgment both in auditions and in the theater stage of Pakistan Idol. But let’s see the prominent ones.


Maria Meer, a turned down theater stage contestant of Pakistan Idol was sarcastically commented by Hadiqa, and insanely by Bushra and Ali Azmat. Luckily, her talent got recognition from legendary Amanat Ali Khan who is set to get her recorded for different projects. But not all contestants have that fate.

A girl from the same city, Aqsa Rani, was turned down and suggested that she should keep to singing Naats in colleges.

Wajahat Ahmed from Sukkur, 18 years, was made fun of for having a childish voice. He was advised not to sing any time in future. In fact, Ali Azmat told him to lock bathroom key locks if he ever wished to sing even inside his home.

And then there was a young man with a thin voice, who after being already stopped from singing his prepared song, was asked to sing a nursery rhyme by Ali Azmat. May be he was trying to match his fun wit with that of American Idol’s Simon Cowel.


Last Thought

We can’t (and shouldn’t) compare judges of Pakistan’s premier music competition to behave until they are trained and have the necessary skill tested for judgment. Our music icons have not yet surfaced into as heavy profiles as those we have seen in the much heavy platforms like Indian Idol and American Idol. Let’s us hope – for the next season of Pakistan Idol – that the jury on board will be fairly judging national music contest with full legacy of skills and competence.


Judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement. – Simon Bolivar



Faisal Arshad

Faisal is a business graduate working as an online content producer/manager. He has active interest and writings related to political, social and economic issues of Pakistan.



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  1. ali says:

    I am a supportor of PAKISTAN IDOL but i also disagree with two judges(bushra and ali)ARY or HUM tv must have to adopt the second season with judges as 1-hadika kiani.2-sajjad ali.3-ali ZAFAR or atif aslam.and do not make any gurburr in grand finale’s winner name

  2. ali says:

    Faisal arshad bhai if you know anything about the pakistani version of bigg boss /big brother than plz write about that soon

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