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Here are good news for tech lovers: Apple iPhone 6 release is due in the next few months. Anticipated as the most powerful device of from Apple Inc., iPhone 6 will sport a gallant A7 quad-core processor, an enhanced iOS 7,  Retina + IGZO display, and a remarkable 128 GB storage capacity. The phone will also have a 3.2 megapixel HD front camera and a 3D rear 13 megapixel camera. On the top of that is the phone’s curve video feature, something that is very new in the smart phone industry. With so much of technological innovation, our society seems to sense that we are progressing faster than ever.


With all these cheers and joy, we have some bad news as well. Pakistan is soon expected to be left as only nation left with Polio virus, even when our much larger neighbor has completely eradicated it. In 2013, Pakistan recorded 92 new polio cases beating Nigeria and Afghanistan, and Peshawar earned the status of the biggest reservoir of Polio in the entire world. The World Health Organization and UN have serious concerns over Pakistan’s polio figures. They fear that the continuing trend will turn Pakistan as the only nation left with Polio disease.

The UN officials have claimed that because of Pakistan the virus is spreading to the countries which were previously polio free.

These antagonistic state of affairs speak of the real dilemma of the present world: misappropriated progress. While scientific advancement has got us into discovering Mars and reproducing body organs by the help of stem cells, there is a whole lot of humanity which is suffering from the basic ills such as polio, malaria and malnutrition. On one hand, we see an army of doctors for hair transplants. On the other, basic medical treatments are a rarity in the suburbs of the rural outskirts of our country.

While many have the world in their smart phones, others are living beyond the poverty line. We can see cities flushed with lights and high gadgets; and we can see people who would have to face dark even during the day.

It is needless to mention that technological advancement has beneficial implications for the whole of society. But what we see that prosperity and development is different for different class of people. For me progress is something that is main stream in the society. Technological advancement should be used to its maximum potential, (i-e providing fruits for most of the people) and then we are able to call ourselves as a progressive nation.

Faizan Ahmed

Faizan Ahmed

Faizan is an avid social thinker who likes to spread awareness about Geo-political issues surrounding Pakistan and the world at large.
He is a gold medalist from University of Karachi and a regular contributor for Awaz-e-Pakistan.
Faizan Ahmed

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4 Responses

  1. Mohammad Qasim says:

    That’s also is a nice contribution boy,I like your article but some other issues need more attention than this one.

    • Faizan Ahmed says:

      Thanks for your views Muhammad Qasim, i know there are many more, read my other articles on the other issues, and i will write on the other issues as well.
      if you want any of the issues which needs to highlighted do mention it

  2. Phayxan technology is mything you just concentrate on other issues hahaha!
    any-ways how would a nation can get rid of disease where you biochemical them with bombs?How can you insure these biochemical do not consequence regarding subject.

    • Faizan Ahmed says:

      We will discuss this in detail aswell, right now it doesn’t pertain to this topic directly. Yea this topic is actually provoking us for the evenness among our contrymen, on the most possible aspect

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