Why PTI is just like all others


Pakistan Tahrek-e-Insaf was launched in 1996 by the cricketer turned political visionary Imran Khan. The party remained pretty much impotent until April 2013 when it suddenly burst on the political landscape amongst much fanfare, music and a unique style of electioneering.

Now after the elections, PTI has won in KPK (Formally known as the NWFP) and has formed a government along with their partner Jamat-e-Islami. The visions of prosperity and equality have not materialized. The party was the most vocal proponent of local bodies. In fact on several occasions, Imran Khan has declared that only local bodies could bring the kind of revolution he has dreamed of.

The bitter reality is that the same PTI has not been able to formulate even the most basic of the local bodies’ legislations. The provincial government is just not ready for implementing the vision of their leader. In my opinion PTI is no better than the parties that the leadership and workers malign on hourly basis

The first and the most apparent reason of the utter failure of PTI is that it is a cult like every other party in Pakistan. At the center is Imran Khan, the messiah who shall cause milk and honey to flow once he gets to become the Prime Minister. Their obsession with the purity of their rank and file and the corruption of all the rest is fanatical. This obsession is at the root of all arguments.

The second reason is the herd of PTI walas who are just like the cowed and brainwashed cannon fodder owned by all major political parties of Pakistan. This herd possesses a white hot and all-encompassinghatred for everything and everyone not PTI. If you are in PTI, you are incorruptible, morally correct patriot who is destined to rule and enlighten the masses of the country. God forbid, if you are not in PTI then you are the sole cause and reason of what is wrong with the country. The only fate fit for a scoundrel like you is to be hacked, drawn and quartered.

This paranoia and hatredmeans that PTI is the best place for the latest conspiracy theory about the current happenings in Pakistan and abroad. Name a topic and the PTI middle cadre will have an explanation for it. From the economic crisis to Baluchistan to Malala Yousefzai to the drone policy of Obama administration, they have a conspiracy theory that makes no sense to a questioning mind.  This mindset is not limited to extra party occurrences. Internal issues such as the fake degree of Ayla Malik and the question of office bearers holding two or more positions simultaneously are explained with a conspiracy theory involving the corrupt (read non PTI) politicians and external interference by the enemies of Pakistan.

In the beginning it appeared that PTI would be different from the rest of the family limited companies that pass for political parties in Pakistan. However, it soon became apparent that all they have is a very good PR department that could huff and puff and build castle out of very thin air. Their one feather in the cap, the intra party elections was nothing more than a badly choreographed drama. In many constituencies, the elections were rigged and in other the candidate with the highest bank balance won the seat.

It is high time that the PTI supporters atleast acknowledge that PTI is nothing special. It is another collective of corrupt politicos who consider politics as an easy way of making money.

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