Ramadan for Sale?  

Just as the auspicious month begins, the entire class of gifted elite and business community wears a false veil of benevolence.  They blow heavy trumpets of charity. They organize ironic Iftar parties. They throw in buffet deals. And yes, they make more money!


The ones who delve on the sweat and blood of poor labourers start with ration distribution ceremonies. They do it purposely to earn a clean slate for continuing exploitation for the rest of the year.  A few years back, we all heard an incident of kohri garden which took lives of several people following a stampede in a ration distribution ceremony.  No one questioned the piousness of the organizers. Instead, all blame was put on the greedy, poor ration collectors.


Ramadan in Pakistan

Another segment playing an abusive role in the holy month of Ramadan is our media. It is not for Islam that these TV channels change their schedules, launch Sehr/Iftar shows and employ the same set of celebrities they would use for entertainment, dance and music genres. The most terrible are the ones which are hosted by the leading actors of this industry. For example, Amir Liaquat, the leading Santa Claus, just need to crack a few jokes to gain better TRP and visitors to his channel. Clowns like him have full support of all sponsors who are mainly concerned with marketing and advertising both at a cheaper cost and under the pious label of Ramadan. No one seems to bother that all the morality and piousness being taught by such people who don’t even give a damn to all the things through the rest of the year.


I am not here to bash everybody out there, but we should realize that all this second-hand piety and charity is developing an attitude of beggary on the whole. The rise in commercialism in Ramadan, the NGO-like approach to charity, at all levels, and the temporary benevolence of Muslims in general is adding to a continuous class anomaly which shatters both the spirit and the purpose of Ramadan.

If we continue to promote a culture of extravagance and commercialism in Ramadan, we will stop the fight against this economic and moral injustice. The way these hypocrites help us tends to create a false hope that we don’t need to strive to change this system. Until we realize that their enormous wealth all comes of the labor’s sweat, we will not be able to solve the issues of poverty, hunger and class struggle.

Act now to stop putting the holy month of Ramadan for sale, both for its holy spirit and for our country on the whole. Here is a short check list to begin with.

  1. In your household, make sure that at least the food consumption goes below the average level. We are fasting, why should the budget for food go up?
  2. Discourage viewership of Iftar/Sehr shows. You could spend time more profitably by reading Quran.
  3. Spread charity donations throughout the year, not just in Ramadan.
  4. Make minimal spending on Eid items.
  5. Iftar parties and buffet deals? NO.




Faizan Ahmed

Faizan Ahmed

Faizan is an avid social thinker who likes to spread awareness about Geo-political issues surrounding Pakistan and the world at large.
He is a gold medalist from University of Karachi and a regular contributor for Awaz-e-Pakistan.
Faizan Ahmed

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10 Responses

  1. Samra says:

    Agree with your thoughts.. we shouldn’t need to be religious only this month and we need follow the habit of helping people throughout year. Very well written!! (Y) :)

  2. Samra Karim says:

    Agree with your thoughts.. we shouldn’t need to be religious only this month and we need follow the habit of helping people throughout year. Very well written!! :)

    • Faizan says:

      Excatly, that is my point to mention, i want to adress all these psuedo phillanthrapits stop being fake for this month at least, as this adversely affects the society

  3. Aslam Yaqoob says:

    Indeed your article is a true reflection of our hypocrisy.

    Charity for fame may put our names in the list of would be hell dwellers.

    Keep it up.


    Muhammad Aslam Yaqoob

    • Faizan says:

      my mere intention is not to bash any individual I am here to question the whole mechanism of this pseudo philanthropy, and these lavish aftaar dinners and all that stuff, :) i am quite sure that people would get my real message aswell besides some shear entertainment

  4. Bilal says:

    Y to blame amir liaqat..v all work for money.. Profit making.. Media shows us what our society wants to c..
    Scndly, v have been tought to giv more charity in ramzan…
    And yes ramzan deal are the most attractive piece of iftar.. This is what our society is..

    • Faizan says:

      as i have mentioned I am not blaming any individual, my point is to question the whole mechanism of this pseudo philanthropy, and these lavish aftaar dinners and all that stuff, :), they are being criticized because they are setting the trend. their greed will destroy the whole society.

  5. Muhammad Danish says:

    We confess but amir doesn’t. He has a following in society.
    Our thoughts are shaped by the institutions which work for ruling class so masses can’t be blamed. The blame goes to those who gave the name masses to people a derivative of mess

  6. wardah nasir says:

    loved the titles you have gvn to liaquat…from clown to santa clause lol.. this all is so thoughtful i really wsh we act upon it ..specially the youth who find all the fun and affection in havng khapa together. specially during ramzan and eid
    and yes their lavish spending during the seasons is really worth critisizing.and media! aakhhthu.. i hate it.. 100% agreed wd ur view point. the part i liked most was targeting a low budget during ramzan cuz we are fasting. shayad is se thori mehengai b kum hojaey :-D

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