Shia Killings in Muharram

Amidst tight security measures during Muharram, dozens of Shia have been injured in two bomb blasts near an Imam Bargah in Karachi. A small imambargah located in Pahar Ganj Area of North Nazimabad was targeted this Wednesday.

According to initial reports, an explosion took place at 9/45 pm near Fazal-e-Abbas Imambargah injuring two people. The bomb disposal squad arrived immediately and cleared the area after thorough inspection.  At 11 pm, another blast took place near the gate of imambargah, injuring several security personal, media persons and children. Law enforcement personnel did not confirm the nature of blasts, but eyewitness accounts point to remote operated devices being used for the bombs.


The injured were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.


Shia Killing



It should also be noted that as many as 21 Shiites have been killed in Iraq following an explosion at a religious festival today. The blast took place when a crowd was set to prepare for commemoration of Hussain A.S. martyrdom.


Pakistan has been struggling to manage the menace of sectarianism and targeted killings for some time now, but the problem seems to be aggravating. In a recent attempt by law enforcement, police killed at least 6 activists of a banned outfit involved in various targeted killings. According to CID, the encounter took place at Lakki Pahari in Mauripur when some fleeing activists of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi opened fire.


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