Triumph Lies Beneath the Fear – Are you living your life?

‘Life’ is indeed one of the least talked about topics. We focus on trivialities throughout our life with the belief that they are going to make us a better person or will help us in creating a tremendous life. But that’s not true.

Without an understanding of life, much of our science, technology, politics and market would be meaningless. We can never achieve our true potentials until and unless we confront situations that require us to be courageous and intellectual. In other words, life is all about facing challenges. What we need to understand the most is to keep our fears aside and let it just happen, irrespective of outcomes. It doesn’t matter if you lose, what matters is your winning.


Right from our childhood, our elders keep teaching us the lesson to “learn from the experiences of others”. People who follow this rule are regarded as effective and wise. But have you ever thought; if we keep on learning from the experiences of others, how are we going to experience our life? How will we explore our own definitions of good and the bad, and how will we be able to set a good example for others?

God has given us different families, backgrounds, culture, traditions and norms. We go through different circumstances so how can our experiences be same. Any experience that turns bad for someone can be good for you. So let it be!

Here are some tips to live the life to as ‘YOUR’ life:

  1. Take the challenges, go for available options and confront all the opportunities because you are best in what you believe.
  2. Do not give up at any stage of your life. Do not think of past, it has gone and it is never going to come back. Even your thought in which you were thinking about past is not present anymore.
  3. TRY HARD for what you want in your life. In case you lose, do not have any regrets or sinking feelings. Do not feel broken or shattered. You gave your best shot and this satisfaction should be greater than having regrets of not giving a try.
  4. Just tie it in a knot that whatever you lose is something which is not permitted by God for you.




Qurat-ul-Ain is an aspiring blogger who likes to spread awareness about youth issues.

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