Unblock Youtube in Pakistan with These Free Tools

Pakistan belongs to one of the countries with extremely rampant internet censorship. YouTube, Facebook and many other websites are censored or completely banned due to reasons of blasphemous content and pornography. Pakistan’s electronic media control authority, PEMRA, uses a mix of tools and authority to get unwanted content off from the country’s cyber sphere. unblock-youtube-in-pakistan

Cost of YouTube ban in Pakisan

With censorship goes internet freedom. The case for YouTube is a particular instance for this. Belonging to world’s most powerful internet company i.e. Google, YouTube’s terms of service have serious loop holes that make it prone to abuse of freedom of speech. In 2012, for instance, Google refused to take down an extremely abusive video mocking Muslims. No amount of protests could convince Google to remove the video. The overall cost for YouTube ban is higher than is seen. Google loses millions of dollars annually due to lost advertisement, and deprived users get to miss so much of learning and entertainment which is no as conveniently available in other streaming services like Dailymotion.

Tools to Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

Now that it has about two years since YouTube ban in Pakistan, chances are that you already have used a variety of tools like proxies or DNS services to unblock YouTube. But in case you are looking for best, intrusive, advertisement-free and secure options, here is a pick from an expert on the subject. Remember, they are absolutely free!


ZenMate is one of the most effective tools for unblocking YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and any location-restricted/banned or blocked site in Pakistan. It is designed especially for Google Chrome users and  is freely available from its store.

Click here to add Zenmate for Chrome.


Unlike Zenmate, this free tool for unblocking YouTube and other censored sites is available for multiple web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE and others. 24 million people across the world are using Hola to unblock YouTube and other geo-restricted websites. hola hola download

 Click here to enter Hola and install the free tool for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Android phones.

Slow and Insecure tools to Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

In addition, there are several proxy services like www.Unblock.US, www.youproxytube.com and others which gives you an instant limited access to YouTube in Pakistan. If you are using any of such services, or the popularly used Hotspot shield, know that they are the most insecure and slowest options out there. Say good bye to those insecure and old tactics, and be on the internet freedom radar by unblocking YouTube with our picks.


Faisal Arshad

Faisal is a business graduate working as an online content producer/manager. He has active interest and writings related to political, social and economic issues of Pakistan.



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  1. muzammil says:

    It acts like a bridge between you and the site which is blocked. Proxy connects you to the server and that server further connects you to next series These proxy server can connect with each other so they communicate with each other no one can used these websites otherwise they accessed is blocked then you must try to unblock that websiteHidemyass YouTube

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