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Waar negates the popular hearsay about ’s stance on . It is an attempt to draw a picture of violence, bloodshed and hopelessness injected by our enemies within and outside Pakistan and how security forces are struggling to control these menaces. ‘Waar’ literally translates as ‘an enemy’s attack’. But the film’s name could also be attributed, in spirit, to the larger War on Terror, of which Pakistan is an active player since 2001 and suffering from internal sectarianism and radicalization.

Here are the full parts of the movie:


Story and Characters in Waar


Featuring Shamoon Abbasi, Shaan Shahid, Ayesha Khan, Ali Azmat and Meesha Shafi, Waar is a 130 minute of pure thrill, action and patriotism. The film is the highest budgeted lollywood film to date and sports some of the latest videographic technology and stereo sound to do justice with the film’s requirements.

Waar has grossed more than 10 crore PKR in its first 10 days. It is anticipated that it will gross more than twice its budget of 20 crores.


Here is a brief look into the characters of Waar, and thier roles in the film’s story…


Shaan overwhelmingly plays as an extremely vigilant and strong security official, Major Mujtaba, in the movie. Having lost his family to a tragic blast some years ago, he quits his job and finds a silent life when he is called by Anti-Terrorist Squad for a mission to defuse a serious attack in the coming days.



Shamoon Abbasi

Shamoon Abbasi, depicted as a merciless villain, plays the role of a mastermind named ‘Ramal’ of the terror attack. He is known for his notoriety of carrying several attacks under the badge of RAW, and this time he has the support of Pakistani insiders, including friend-turned-enemy Taliban for the big mission.



Meesha Shafi

Meesha sports as beautiful social worker and Indian sponsored agent named Lakshmi in Waar. She is presented as an imposter who successfully gets a soft grip on Pakistani politicians and intelligence officials.



Ayesha Khan

Similar to her soft TV screen image, Ayesha Khan is shown as a passionate and hardworking intelligence officer named Javeria in Waar. She is the one who coordinates all the security and intelligence teams working against the attack.




Hamza Ali Abbasi

This young, beautiful and gallant intelligence teams up with Javeria (Ayesha Khan) and gets to work with endless patriotism for his homeland, until he faces death in saving the country from the biggest attack of all times.




Apart from these characters, there is a minor role of Ali Azmat who presents himself as a modest politician greatly inspired by Jinnah and working on the cause of creating a huge dam which will solve many problems of the country.However, he is double crossed by villanious Meesha who conspires him to death by Shamoon Abbasi.


Waar presents a story of security turmoil faced by Pakistan for being part of a proxy war on terror that have been actively messed by our enemies, within and across borders. Overall, the movie has a strong story, direction, script and presentation. In one of the final scenes of the movie, a hearttouching Pak Sar Zameen Shad Baad is sung by a solidier awaiting death as a huge blast kills him and other Jawans and Intelligence officers, successfully preventing the larger terror attack planned to shake the whole country.


Here is a trailer of the movie…

Faisal Arshad

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  1. Faraz says:

    Hi ,

    You write really Well… review writing is more sort of personal experience.. what you felt about it .. if you enjoyed it or not… what you felt should have done right :)

    i would have liked more of your own personal opnion. none the less it one nice review.
    for me Waar is a mixed bag… not perfect and could have been better…. i am not trying to be a critic but just giving my honest opinion :)

    • zafariqbal says:

      Hi, thanks for appreciation. Yeah I agree review writing is a challenging job, and this is more of a review-story-character sketch in a short post. We will definitely take more of our author’s ‘personal opinion’ in the future posts. Thnks for stopping by.

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